* Tailor boy.

A few years back, one of my friend's 6-year-old daughter had called me "tailor boy". I was thrilled to bits not only because she could recognize me with my love for tailoring but also for calling me a boy instead of a man. I remember feeling young.

I have been involved in making clothes for the last 2 decades and have understood a few things along the way. Considering the firangi-way-of-garment construction itself is new to us, we have passed many significant milestones - an example of adaptability at every opportunity.

Apart from half...

* Price v/s Value.

Rate? What's the price? Why is it costly? Any discount? Pp? Why so expensive? 


These are some of the queries which come to us and we do answer most of them, logically and patiently. Also, somehow these questions mostly end up at small brands engaged in craft-based products. 


There is nothing wrong with wanting to know how much one needs to pay for a certain product, but is that the only deciding factor? Bear in mind, we have a functioning e-commerce website with all the information built-in already. 


* Ambara Charaka Spun and Hand-woven Cotton Fabric.

For the last 10 years, we have been working with locally produced Ambara Charaka spun and hand-woven cotton fabric. We are fortunate enough to work closely with many local co-operative societies, communities and craftspeople. With a humble amount of understanding of the processes behind our chosen fabric, we are sharing a pictorial guide below, which would probably assist you to understand the various steps involved.

1. Cotton picking - A process of harvesting the Cotton boll manually.

. 2. Ginning - A process of separating the cotton fibres from the seeds....

* Kora

Kora meaning raw and unbleached fabric, off-white in color.

By definition, off-white means a color, such as cream or bone, consisting of white mixed with a tinge of brown, grey or with a pale hue


We, at Metaphor Racha, prefer to describe it as 'the color of cotton boll' in all its purity and unbleached!  Hence, this very nature of kora cotton fabric is a symbol of simplicity, contentment, eternal, and nature's best.

Products made from our ambara charaka spun and hand-woven kora cotton in its purest form have no harsh chemical dye, hence requires a negligible amount of energy, resulting in a less harmful...

* Color.

Color plays an important communicative role in our lives. There is a significant link between colors and emotions. Feeling blue, green with envy, seething in red, Not everything is black and white are some of the examples. Depending on when, where and how we wear colors it can brighten our day, calm us down, or just let us be. As much as we can't imagine our world without colors, it's also true neither all of us see a particular color the same way nor it affects us similarly.

We all want our lives to be colorful,...