* What you are paying for.

An approximate cost indication for what you are paying for in a garment is shown in the pie-chart above. The cost would change from one product to the other depending on the design, material, the craft involved and its complexities. 

Raw material includes cotton sliver, starch, dye, threads, buttons, packaging material and etc., 

Wages for those involved in spinning, winding, warping, weaving, cutting, tailoring dyeing, printing, and etc.,

Overheads include rent, travel, electricity, water, phone, photography, website fees and the internet.

Tax is levied depending on the product category.  

A part of the margin is our salary and as we are a self-funded small brand working with locally available craft, the rest of the margin-money is ploughed back to the business. We have not been funded, do not apply for any grant and expect subsidy. In rare instances, when we outsource some of our technical work, we pay all our interns and volunteers.  

We do believe that the commercial approach can not only lead to economic empowerment for ordinary people to become problem solvers but also yields a higher value for a customer than what he/she spends on it.  

We are still work in progress but we strive to bring the best value for your purchase. We truly believe that your support is what sustains our work and we request you to be a part of this 'shared responsibility'. 


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